Annual Edenton, NC, Events

For annual events that embrace local history, decades of cultural evolution, the arts, music and food – and all done with a healthy dose of small-town love and flair – look no further than Edenton, NC. This town has it all – historical happenings boasting merit in both the local and national timelines, a waterfront downtown with architectural renown, a shining artistic community and strong sense of local heritage the townspeople embrace and remain committed to honoring and preserving, often through ways that often emerge in the form of annual Edenton, NC, events. Between spring, summer, fall and the holiday season, each year’s calendar makes time for the season’s mainstay traditions. The annual events in Edenton, NC, reflect the town’s history, show off its aesthetic beauty and fit into the time of year in experiential and interactive ways. Take a step back into the bygone days of Edenton’s downtown on the Edenton Pilgrimage of Historic Homes, where costumed interpreters share these properties’ stories, many dating back to Colonial and Victorian-era origins. Or get into the holiday spirit on the Christmas Candlelight Tour that showcases both old and new homes decked for the holiday season in Christmas styles ranging from classically Southern to festively contemporary.

History Shapes Annual Edenton, NC, Events

Many of Edenton, NC’s, annual events come from the town’s storied past – a past that the area proudly remembers and continues to keep alive today through such events and celebrations. Inspired by key moments in this little town’s illustrious history, these Edenton, NC, events reflect past occasions and culture that gave way to the town we see today. When, for example, a tea party held in protest of the British control not only mimics the notorious Boston Tea Party in action but rises to greater heights in terms of the unveiled courage of the women who lead it, that’s reason enough to celebrate! Or marvel at the town’s sense of traditionalism when they continue to host a memorial event that commemorates the area’s widespread mourning when state governor and Edenton resident, James Iredell, passed away in his stately home during the 1850s. Mark your calendars now for Edenton’s annual events, and keep an eye on our Daytime Events page for the specific dates of upcoming ones.

Chowan County Regional Fair

Annual Event in Edenton, NC
1317 W. Queen Street, Edenton
(252) 482-4057

For more than 70 years people of all ages have anticipated the return of the Chowan County Regional Fair. In fact, you can find signs announcing its approach scattered throughout Edenton and Hertford two months in advance. And it’s easy to see why: For four days every late September or early October, regional exhibits and displays, fairground rides, games and vendors populate the American more

For more than 70 years people of all ages have anticipated the return of more

Edenton Farmers Market

Annual Event in Edenton, NC
200 N. Broad Street, Edenton
(252) 209-4792

Who needs Amazon when Edenton Farmers Market offers fresh foods directly from local farmers, including produce, proteins and honey, along with handmade items like personal-care products, arts and crafts, baked goods, jams, plants, flowers, pet treats and more? The market is held outdoors every Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon and Wednesday from 3 to 6 p.m. at 200 N. Broad more

Who needs Amazon when Edenton Farmers Market offers fresh foods directly from local farmers, more