Edenton, NC, Restaurants

Edenton, NC, restaurants might not be as plentiful as you'd find in a big city, but you're in Edenton for a reason: Because you, like so many others, appreciate a lovely Southern town and the curated choices it offers. Who can choose from a list of hundreds of restaurants anyway?! Edenton's historic downtown area is where you'll most the local eateries, most all housed in restored buildings originally constructed in the early 20th century. The large, plate-glass front windows of these Edenton, NC, restaurants give you an easy peek inside before you even enter. What can you expect to find? Small coffee shops with yummy pastries are perfect for breakfast or an afternoon snack after exploring the town. There are several restaurants that give you Italian, Chinese or Mexican options, and you'll also enjoy a couple of general stores with good, quick lunches. A popular Eastern North Carolina BBQ joints is in Edenton too. Fine dining is also here with a bistro and a nice spot located in one of the town's inns. Of course, there are a few of the expected fast food places.

An Array of Edenton, NC, Restaurants

All in all, most appetites can be happily sated. It's also worth noting that Edenton, NC, restaurants are allowed to offer a full spectrum of alcoholic beverages, but not all of them do. If that's a deciding factor, check ahead. Otherwise, let serendipity rule the day as you wander around this charming and historic Southern town. Coffee and a muffin here . . . a quick bite for lunch there . . . and a refreshing drink and dinner at the end of a day well spent.

The Table at the Inner Banks Inn

Edenton, NC, Restaurant
103 E. Albemarle Street, Edenton
(252) 482-3641

Treat yourself to a fine-dining experience at The Table, the Inner Banks Inn’s onsite restaurant. Giving the current farm to table trend their own twist, The Table proudly offers an ocean-river-farm to fork menu. The chefs work with local farmers and fishermen to get seasonal offerings, which lets you enjoy tasty tomatoes from Chowan County farms or Atlantic tuna freshly caught that day. Relax in...read more

Treat yourself to a fine-dining experience at The Table, the Inner Banks Inn’s onsite restaurant....read more