Edenton, NC, Restaurant Great Plates

Great chefs – and Edenton, NC, restaurants can brag of quite a few of them – make great food. They create imaginative menu items that pop with a certain spice we regular cooks would never think of adding. They whip up a chowder using local seafood that rivals any you’ve tasted in any big city. And they feature dishes that quickly become your favorites. These are Great Plates, and we help Edenton, NC, restaurant chefs and owners get the word out about them to  the most important people in the world – you, the diners! Sometimes you head back to a certain restaurant many times over to get that specific great plate. But, if Edenton restaurant chefs can get you to try a new menu item that they, themselves, deem a Great Plate, perhaps you’ll be enticed to try that one too. And that doubles their chance of having you come back in, right? These Great Plates stand out from other menu items. They’re the meals that deserve to be highlighted: Try this! No, really, try this. You’re going to love it!

Seasonal Edenton, NC, Restaurant Great Plates

It just makes sense that these mysterious alchemist of food (chefs!) will search out what’s seasonal, fresh and local to feature for their Great Plates. So, you’ll find that most Edenton, NC, restaurants vary their spotlighted menu items by the season. You can bet that fall brings dishes that are built around oysters and that summer will probably find shrimp on the menu and tons of fresh local vegetables. You, the lucky diners, get to go on a culinary adventure with every visit to an Edenton restaurant!