Edenton, NC, Shopping Must Haves

Because the waterfront section of town is so walkable, Edenton, NC, shopping is one of the main draws for locals and visitors to that area. It’s so lovely to be able to park your car then just wander from shop to shop. Doing so, with perhaps a leisurely lunch added into the middle, makes for a delightful day. Along Broad Street and the small side roads that angle off perpendicularly, you’ll find a true array of Edenton, NC, stores. And, at almost all of them, the shop keepers will have particularly special items they want to make sure you notice. These are Must Haves. They might be a featured necklace at a jewelry store, a collection of a popular name brand of clothing, a well-designed sofa and side table, an antique lighting fixture, the best seller novels for that month and more. These Must Haves are items you don’t want to miss seeing and are things that well-represent the store. Edenton shop keepers change these Must Haves on a regular basis, so you can actually have fun as an Armchair Shopper even before you visit these stores themselves.

Other Edenton, NC, Shopping Must Haves

Even though the downtown Edenton, NC, shops are a big draw, there are other shopping areas in town that cluster geographically. The Virginia Road and Extended Queen Street sections both are filled with shops selling such goods as hardware, furniture, cellular products, shoes and books. These Edenton shops, too, post Must Haves to entice you shoppers to come on by, so be sure to check back here regularly to see what’s hot!