Edenton, NC, Nightlife

Ok, we’re not going to lie and say that Edenton, NC, nightlife is the reason visitors visit or locals stay local. At least, not the traditional activities one might think of when considering nightlife options! In Edenton, nightlife wears a very different kind of party dress. When’s the last time you took a stroll around a beautiful little waterfront town after a wonderful dinner? Can you recall the last time you sat on a park bench and watched the stars? How about the last time you and your crew wet a line under the clear, shining moon? These are the types of nightlife that Edenton is most known for . . . and for so many people, they’re a lost art of how to experience the world when the sun goes down. Leave it to a town that shaped history to remind us of the simple pleasures in life, right? When you’re here, time really does slow down some – no rushing to dinner then to a show then to an after dinner cocktail then to bed at 2 in the morning!

That Said, Edenton Nightlife Does Include ...

It’s not all slow-paced! Edenton nightlife also includes very popular events such as heading to an Edenton Steamers baseball game in the summer months. Or if you’re in the mood for a little paranormal activity, you can try the Edenton Ghost Walk! There’s often a play to attend, a cocktail to enjoy or a band playing at the Rocky Hock Campground. And several restaurants regularly host live music. Each season brings events that happen after dark that keep locals and visitors appreciating this Southern town.