Advertiser Terms and Conditions

Contract Policies

Editorial Policy: Advertising purchases, unless specifically designated and contracted as articles, are not associated with editorial coverage in the publication(s) in any way. The advertising contracted herein is solely for display space, and advertisers are not purchasing a write up or other editorial coverage in any publication. Unless specifically stated as such in a signed contract, editorial coverage is written independent of advertising purchases and is intended to communicate a comprehensive and objective view of every business, regardless of their advertising status, in each destination.
Discounts: Discounts may be given or charges may be waived for various reasons, such as advertisers providing finished digital ads for publishing, early payment and rate reductions based upon the purchase of ad packages or a volume of advertising. If an Advertiser is unable to, or chooses not to, perform in accordance with the agreements upon which a particular charge is waived or a discount is given, the Advertiser will be responsible for paying the waived charge or the amount of the discount taken.
Cancellation Policy: Individual purchases outlined in this contract may be cancelled but no later than fourteen (14) days prior to published advertising deadlines. No cancellation will be allowed after the advertising is published. In the event of any cancellation, ad layout charges will be billed at publisher’s discretion based upon the amount of work performed.
Late Payment Fee: Edenton This Week (Narayana, Inc.) reserves the right to charge a late payment fee each month of 2% of the unpaid balances due on contracted accounts.