Edenton, NC, Dining Promotions

Edenton, NC, dining promotions are different from Great Plates – just so you understand our thinking here! Dining promotions are almost like regularly occurring food events! Think Taco Tuesdays or 2-for-1 sub sandwiches on Wednesdays or Roast Beef Friday nights. These Edenton dining promotions are a way that Edenton restaurant folks can entice you in on a weekly basis, and since most of the time these promotions save you money, they’re a smart way to feed a big crew. Often these promotions become part of your weekly expectations, especially if you and your family or friends incorporate them into a get-together, as in “Coming to Taco Tuesday tonight?” “You bet! See you there.” Any time you combine a dining promotion + great friends and family + a beverage of your choice, you have a guaranteed good time. Of course, that’s exactly what the Edenton, NC, restaurant owners have in mind. They’re no dummies. Anytime they can bring you into their establishment and you leave having had some fun and a satisfying dining experience, it’s a win/win!

Changing Edenton, NC, Dining Promotions

Some Edenton, NC,dining promotions end up being so popular that Edenton restaurants feature them all year. Why mess with a good thing, right? But it’s also a good idea to keep things fresh – sometimes quite literally. So, Edenton, NC, restaurants also change up their dining promotions with the seasons so to reflect what produce, seafood or other locally sourced foods are available. When the tuna are biting, the weekly promotion might feature that yummiest of fish. Summer promotions might feature just-ripe tomatoes or melons. Who knows?! Just check back here often to keep in the know.