Edenton, NC, Events: Community

Edenton, NC, is a town filled with people who enjoy gathering together for any reason. The calendar of Edenton events that honor and support the town and our heritage are many. Plus, these events are just so much fun! Most days throughout the year, there are meetings, classes, lectures, celebrations, art experiences, sports and more for locals and visitors to take advantage of. Some of these Edenton, NC, events happen year after year – such as the Christmas Candlelight Tour or the Peanut Festival. A popular community event is the Armchair Traveler Series that brings the culture of other places right into Edenton, NC, without attendees having to buy a ticket and travel. Some of these community-focused Edenton events help educate school children on the area’s Colonial history or the English attempts at creating a permanent presence on the North Carolina coast more than 430 years ago. Other such events celebrate the local history of the Masons. Many people come together for cooking classes, to run or walk in races, for porch suppers and for sailing regattas. Kids showcase their art while other times adults gather to take an art class.

Venues for Community Edenton, NC, Events

The great outdoors is often the preferred venue for many of these Edenton events that draw the community together. That makes sense with a town that’s bordered by water and blessed by beautifully maintained public spaces. But many of the historic homes and buildings also play host to these events. What could be better (and more splendidly Southern) than supper on the porch and grounds of an actual historic cotton gin or a shrimp fest on the bay?