Edenton, NC, Shopping

Don’t you just adore a small town with a concentrated shopping district? Edenton’s shopping area, found in the center of the town’s historic waterfront area, is concentrated along Broad Street, the main street, with little jewels of stores found on the side streets. The great fun of the retail pursuit here is that you can, literally, hit every shop in this area in one, grand Edenton, NC, shopping spree. In so many other towns you’re left wondering which places you might have missed given a short day or so of retailing time, but not here. And, in between the gift shops, book stores, old-fashioned drug and hardware stores, craft and art outlets, furniture and accessories places, clothing shops and jewelry and gift stores, you’ll find wonderful little coffeehouses that provide just the pause you need for an afternoon respite. Most of these Edenton, NC, shops are housed within early 19th-century buildings that add to the charm of a Main Street shopping experience with their soft wooden floors and large plate glass windows that allow for effective window shopping. But you won’t want to hang outside looking into these Edenton shopping gems. Go in, say hello to the shopkeeper – who will undoubtedly smile at you as if you’re a local – and enjoy the goods!

Other Edenton, NC, Shopping Opportunities

Though the historic area is the main thrust of Edenton, NC, shopping, along streets that lead into town you’ll also find other options. These include grocery stores, home building and supplies, the ABC store, national chain drugstores, department stores and more – let’s call them the necessary stores. You'll also find a local mall with a Food Lion, Chinese restaurant, nail salon, a Roses, a woman’s clothing store and more. There’s also a bank with an ATM in case you’re needing some cash and a bulk ice self-serve drive-up.