Penelope Barker House

505 S. Broad Street, Edenton
(252) 482-7800

One Edenton attraction that often catches people's eyes before any other is the Penelope Barker House. The three-story white house rests at the end of Edenton's historic downtown, half facing S. Broad Street and the other overlooking the sound. Also serving as Edenton and Chowan County's welcome center, it's known as "Edenton's living room." Visitors tend to pick up informational pamphlets here as well as books and artwork by regional artists at the book and gift shop, located on the first floor. The house's namesake, Penelope Barker, is also an historical icon — she organized the American Revolution's first tea party, held in downtown Edenton, which later inspired Boston's. This event displayed the town's sophistication, and the home continues to display those influences today with its stunning antique decor and exhibits. The Penelope Barker House is open seven days a week, and admission is free. Remember, you'll enter through the back door (facing the street), which means by Southern tradition that you're considered a friend and encouraged to return often.