Edenton, NC, Hotels

Including Edenton Bed and Breakfasts

You expect every town to have a hotel or two, and there are three Edenton, NC, hotels you can choose from — more on them in a minute. But what this historic Southern town is actually known for are the Edenton bed and breakfasts. All of these B&Bs are situated in century-plus-year-old mansions that exude elegance and ease and offer a look back in history to how the early North Carolina gentry might have lived. Of course, while these historic properties might have been built near the beginning of the 1900s (except for one that was actually built in 1791!), all have been refurbished to provide the privacy and amenities modern B&B travelers expect. You have five Edenton bed and breakfasts to choose from, and the special features they offer might make it easier for you to find the one that’s perfect for you: fireplaces in the rooms, sweeping front porches for relaxing, acres of land around you to provide the quiet you may be yearning for, full Southern breakfasts, special events such as cooking classes, a wedding location, themed rooms, balconies or proximity to Edenton’s historic district and waterfront area. It's worth noting that we've also included a few B&Bs that are located close to, but not in, Edenton, NC, since some travelers might enjoy the countryside.

About Those Edenton, NC, Hotels

Some folks just aren’t B&B people, so if you’re one of them, you can choose from one of the three Edenton hotels. These properties range from a modern (and very affordable) 1950s-style hotel to a relatively new Hampton Inn that features an outdoor pool, a nice amenity on hot Edenton summer days, free WiFi and room types that you can expect from this national chain. All three of these hotels are within a few miles of the historic Edenton waterfront.